Top 3 Benefits of Developing a Branded Mobile App

  • Deliver content to the growing mobile audience without up-front costs.
  • Offer your own content and licensed content from Newstex to broad and niche audiences.
  • Expand your brand reach and earn money through paid subscriptions.

How Does It Work?

Newstex Authoritative Content can be delivered through your own branded mobile app on iPhone, iPad, and iTouch devices and is tailored to your unique requirements and goals. We also build mobile apps to distribute proprietary content or a combination of your proprietary content and Newstex Authoritative Content. Your branded mobile apps can support text, images, audio, and video. Apps can be fully customized, and features include search, alerts, analytics, and video. There are no up-front fees to create your branded mobile app. Instead, you pay as you go, so you’re always in control of your budget.

What Do We Get?

More people are turning to their mobile devices to access all forms of content every day. With a Newstex mobile app, you can make sure your content is available when and where people are looking for it. It’s easy to create free and subscription-based content packages for niche audiences.

What types of content can be offered in a mobile app from Newstex?

Newstex can develop mobile apps that offer your own proprietary content and/or licensed content from syndicated websites, blogs, online magazines, Facebook Pages, Twitter, and videos

Do I Have To Pay Anything?

No. Content distributors offer bundled content, which could include yours, to their end-user customers. They pay licensing fees to allow their customers access to your content, and you earn a percentage of those licensing fees.

What mobile content apps has Newstex developed?

Newstex has developed mobile content apps for a wide variety of content publishers and distributors, including PRNewswire, LexisNexis Legal News, and CQ Roll Call Insight.