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If you've been waiting to upload your YouTube channel to the new design launched in December, then you might be surprised to visit your YouTube channel today and see that it's been upgraded for you. Today is the day that YouTube automatically migrated all YouTube channels to the new design -- whether or not channel owners were happy about it. For people who don't like change, YouTube is quick to point out that they spent a great deal of time listening to user feedback and analyzing channel performance metrics in order to create this new channel design. In a blog [more]
In a great year-end series, VideoNuze gathered predictions from tech and media experts about the future of online video in 2012. So far, over a dozen experts have offered their online video predictions for the new year. You can browse through all of them here. Following are some highlights from well-known companies and the experts behind their online video strategies. Suzie Reider, YouTube & Google Display Head of Ad Sales Every day will feel like the Super Bowl. YouTube and video-sharing give anyone a ticket to online video success. People will choose the ads they want to watch. Therefore, relevance [more]
It's that time of year where we'll start to see lots of articles about trends that affected 2011 and predictions for trends that will define 2012. Often these kinds of posts just recap what was popular during the prior year without really diving any deeper than that. Today, I stumbled across a great article from Greg Jarboe from Reel SEO that provides a more strategic look at three YouTube trends that defined 2011 that look beyond popularity numbers. In his article, Greg cites three key trends: 1. Video Clips that Drive Citizen Movements 2010 was the year that Twitter became [more]
In July, YouTube launched the YouTube Creator Playbook -- a 70 page document that guides online video content creators in using all the features and functions of YouTube to publish the best videos possible. This document was intended to be a complement to creating great content, because the first step to being a successful online video publisher is always producing consistently high quality videos. The YouTube Creator Playbook offers real, actionable tips that you can implement immediately. To make things easy, the guide is divided into specific sections, so you can pick and choose the parts you need help with. [more]
Last week, YouTube completed its global roll out of some basic video editing capabilities that enable video publishers to log into their YouTube accounts, click the new Edit video button at the top of the video's page (or through the "My Videos" page in their accounts) and make several basic changes to their videos. As long as a video has fewer than 1,000 views and doesn't include third party content, you can edit it and keep the original link, views, comments, and so on. For videos that don't meet those requirements, a new version has to be saved and published. [more]
In an interesting infographic from Wistia and Column Five, the decline of television viewership is displayed visually as online video streaming continues to rise. Who are the most avid watchers of streaming online video? Young people (18-24 year olds), men, and light television watchers. On the other end of the spectrum are people in the 50-64 year age bracket who are the most avid television watchers making up 25% of the television viewing population. Most people (by far) are going to YouTube to watch online video, but Hulu, Vevo, MSN, Yahoo! and other sites are growing, too. And while television [more]