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Want to be part of the historical record officially?  You will be if you've published a public tweet on Twitter since March 2006, because your tweets are going into the Library of Congress archives. You might not be able to edit those old tweets, but it's as good a time as any to make sure your future tweets are good.  They'll be available through the Library of Congress, after all. The announcement began to travel quickly across Twitter and the social Web this morning when the Library of Congress published the tweet shown below. The Library of Congress is the [more]
Do you know the truth about blog and Twitter content syndication?  Here are 5 reasons you should learn the truth: Syndication models: There are 3 primary types of online content syndication.  Make sure you pick the right syndication opportunity to reach your goals. Increased exposure: Licensed syndication can put your content and name in front of influential audiences who might not find it otherwise. Credibility: Licensed syndication can put your content alongside of content from major news and media organizations. Money: You can earn royalties through licensed syndication. More traffic: Licensed syndication doesn't compete with your blog's existing traffic stream.  [more]
According to eMarketer, 18 million U.S. adults access Twitter at least monthly in 2009, and that number is expected to grow to 26 million in 2010.  However, when you put those numbers alongside of the statistics released by Sysomos earlier this year, the story changes a bit. The Sysomos statistics told us that over 85% of Twitter users publish fewer than 1 tweet per day and 5% of Twitter users make up for 75% of all activity on Twitter. Another new study from Penn State of 1 million Twitter accounts reports that 20% of all tweets mention brands, specifically as [more]
Last month, I wrote a post on the Newstex blog called New Twitter Statistics Tell an Interesting Story where I talked about research conducted by Sysomos on 11.5 million Twitter accounts.  In that post, I discussed the trends related to how people use Twitter (e.g., frequency of posts, numbers of followers, etc.).  Today, I'd like to take a look at the statistics provided by the Sysomos research from the authoritative content perspective.  Specifically, the fact that nearly 1 in 4 tweets is created by a bot. What do I mean by authoritative content?  I am referring to the useful and [more]
Twitter is by far the fastest growing social Web site in history, and it shows no signs of slowing down.  Everyday, people are tweeting about companies, brands and products.  The problem is that there is no perfect way to search Twitter for this kind of information. Even Twitter’s Twitter 101 for Business guide offers only slightly helpful advice by telling businesses to conduct a site search to find conversations happening “right now” on Twitter.  That’s great, but what about conversations that happened a few days ago?  And what about finding all of the conversations happening on Twitter about your [more]
A new research report from Sysomos, a social media analytics company, was released in June and provides interesting insight into the world of Twitter.  The research was conducted on a large sample -- 11.5 million Twitter accounts.  First, check out the graph from Sysomos below which shows the growth of Twitter users between March 2007 and May 2009.  Incredibly, almost 75% of Twitter users created their profiles in 2009.  60% of all Twitter users are from the United States. A few more interesting statistics from the Sysomos report: 85.3% of Twitter users publish fewer than 1 update per day. 21% [more]