The Newstex Advantage 

Expand Your Influence

Are you looking to connect with business professionals, government officials, or academics to expand your sphere of influence?

You can't be heard if you can't be found.

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Leverage Your Expertise

Are you looking for consulting engagements, media interviews, or public speaking opportunities?

You can't be hired if you can't be found.

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Earn More Money

Are you looking to unlock value from your actionable insights, harness your expertise and make more for what you already do?

You can't be paid if you can't be found

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Newstex is part of the future of media.

- Chris Seper, CEO, MedCity Media

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!


You complete a license agreement and provide us with the URL to your blog. Or Google+ page. Or Twitter profile, or Facebook page, whathaveyou. 


We feed your content into targeted research platforms so that Jack, Jill, and other professionals can find your actionable insights.


We add our secret sauce to better surface your content on professional research platforms.

Simple, right? There's just one last thing.

We pay you every time a professional reads a piece of your content on one of these research platforms. That's right - you get paid for content you're already creating!

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Once your blog is in their database, you’ve arrived. It’s almost a certification of legitimacy. It’s a badge of honor.

- Ken Doctor

Bankers and Lawyers. 

Academics and Doctors. 

Government Officials and Researchers. 

Business Leaders of all sorts.

Decision-makers in a variety of industries rely on specialized research platforms to find actionable insights.

We've built relationships with dozens of these companies to help surface up your content when professionals need it.

Best of all - you engage with readers who wouldn't have found you otherwise.

I'm ready!

It’s clear that people watch videos and are influenced and make decisions based on what they see and hear.

- Joe Pulizzi, CCO, Junta24

Absolutely not!

We connect authoritative content with professional audiences. 

Your actionable insights might take the form of a blog, a Twitter feed, a Facebook or Google+ page, or even video podcasts.

What matters most to professionals - and to us - is that you create content on a regular basis and that your content is professional in tone and subject matter

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Of course, the fact that I get additional compensation for earlier creative efforts is the icing on the cake.. 

- Michael Panzner, and

Nada. Zip. Zero. 

In fact, we pay you whenever your content is read by someone in the Newstex distribution network.

That's right - we pay you!